MINI PIT-BULL a Lightfoot Design

For years I have been talking about the Mini Pit-Bull from Timberline, an inexpensive small FB knife designed by Greg Lightfoot.

I wanted to do a photo shoot and give this knife the recognition I think it deserves.

•  Lightfoot swedge grind blade
•  Deep serrated thumb ramp
•  Includes Timber-Clip™ in sheath allowing user to carry the knife in the sheath tip up or down

Designer:  Greg Lightfoot   Blade Length:  3.00" (76 mm)
Type:  Fixed blade neck knife   Handle Material:  Zytel®
Blade Material:  AUS-6 stainless steel   Overall Length:  6.60" (170 mm)
Blade Finish:  Bead blasted   Sheath:  Kydex®, includes reversible clothing clip and bead chain

This knife has been a constant companion and edc knife of mine for years during the fall and winter seasons. I wear it upside down in my armpit area hooked to the hole in my winter vest sleeve, my arm covers the clip 95% of the time. So it's kinda like wearing a knife in a shoulder holster without the discomfort of weight or straps on your shoulders and back. Look closely at the serration design on this knife in close up pic, Instead of being like spydercos this knife has half moon and point serrations, that project outwards instead of concaved serrations inwards. This is interesting cause it will cut through heavy material like rope, nylon, rubber and electrical ties just like the SE models we have come to love in a Spyderco, but this knife will not get caught up in clothing if used for SD. When cutting through clothing it does not snag but acts as if it were a PE knife slicing through material and into meat in my tests. The best of both world in a 3" FB that is easy to conceal. Lightfoot's swedges and grinds are works of art, the sheath is a positive fit with a unique carry clip system...The zytel handles have the feel of good G-10 and AUS 6 sharpens up fast. This knife has taken plenty of abuse and use over the years and still looks good, and  I won't hesitate to pull it out in a resturant while eating steak for those fine cuts from a fine cutter....nor would I be afraid to use it if the chips were down in a SD situation....for under $39 how can you go wrong........Doc:)



Erm, it's USD 26.95 at the Knife Center now.

This Timberline-Lightfoot collaboration brings 100% performance-driven "neck knife" design to the professional use community. At 2.4 ounces, this compact cutting tool can handle the magnum jobs.

Blade Length: 3.00" (76 mm)
Overall Length: 6.60" (170 mm)
Designer: Greg Lightfoot
Type: Fixed blade neck knife
Blade Material: AUS-6 stainless steel
Blade Finish: Black
Handle Material: Zytel
Sheath: Kydex, includes reversible clothing clip and bead chain
Made in Taiwan

Lightfoot swedge grind blade
Deep serrated thumb ramp
Includes Timber-Clip in sheath allowing user to carry the knife in the sheath tip up or down