#Sharpthings is an IRC channel founded by knife nuts for knife nuts. The channel is a place for people who share a common interest in knives to get together and discuss knives and chat.

Channel Rules

Age limit

You are required to be at least 16 years old to come and chat on #sharpthings. We are not responsible for the display of explicit content (allowed within channel policy) to people who are not legally allowed to see such content.

If we suspect a user is under the age of 16, access to #sharpthings may be suspended until we can verify the user's age. False identification will result in a permanent ban from the channel.


Nicknames shouldn't be offensive to other visitors, ethnic or religious points of view, or minorities of any kind. While we are mostly grown-ups over here, extremely explicit nicknames are prohibited. When asked by an operator to change your nickname, you are advised to do so.

Banners, color, and caps

Excessive use of banners (visual messages that consist of multiple lines of text, usually with multiple colors), color or caps (shouting) is prohibited. Moderate use is allowed as long as it doesn't impact the ongoing conversation or annoy people. Operators may disable color if deemed necessary.


Entering random characters, nonsense, or lots of text in a very short period of time is prohibited. Excessive flooding will immediately result in getting kicked from the channel.

Trolling, flamebaiting and general idiocracy

Trolling, flamebaiting and other idiotic, malicious, disrespectful acts do a disservice to the chat and will result in a short-term ban.
Repeated breaking of this rule will result in a long-term or perm-ban.

Explicit language, nudity, pornography, 18+ content

Use of excessive explicit language, racial slurs, remarks and other types of offensive behaviour is not tolerated.

We might have an age limit, but #sharpthings is not a porn channel. That effectively means that users are not allowed to post or link to explicit pornographic material.
If you want to post nudity that falls within this policy, please make sure to add [NSFW] before the link. So something like:
By adding the NSFW (Not Safe For Work) tag, people know what to expect.

Illegal activities

The policy of the OFTC network states that illegal activities will result in an immediate ban from the OFTC network. There's nothing we can or will do about that.

Disputes between users

In general, we don't interfere with disputes between users, except for making sure our channel does not become a battle ground. We don't pick sides, we don't judge.

Disputes with operators

If there is a dispute between a user and an operator, and the involved parties are unable to resolve the dispute, a mediator may be assigned by or within the ops-team.

Getting banned

If a user repeatedly or excessively breaks the channel policy, the user could get banned from the channel. Banning is a last-resort measure, and we have 4 sorts of bans:

  1. rejoin-ban: in this case, a user gets banned, kicked, and unbanned shortly after. This ban is used to prevent the auto-rejoin functionality of a client.
  2. short-term ban: a short-term ban is a timed ban that lasts for somewhere between 6 hours and one week, depending on the case. The user will be informed in the kick-message of the duration of the ban.
  3. long-term ban: a long-term ban is a timed ban that lasts for somewhere between one week and 3 months, depending on the case. The user will be informed in the kick-message of the duration of the ban.
  4. perm-ban: a perm-ban is a permanent ban, that will not be removed. It is the ultimate measure that can be taken to prevent a user from entering the channel ever again.

All bans (except the rejoin-ban) should be communicated throughout the ops-team, so all the ops know why a user was banned, and for how long.

Changes and exceptions to these rules

The ops-team reserves the right to modify these rules at any time if deemed necessary. Any change to the ruleset will be published on the Sharpthings website. In cases where the existing rules don't offer a clear solution, the ops-team reserves the right to take actions they deem necessary.

How to get in using a dedicated client:

You may connect to the #SharpThings channel using your own IRC client, which is highly recommended. Using a dedicated client has it's advantages, such as a customizable user interface, and chatting that isn't dependant on your web browser.
Default port: 6667 (SSL port: 6697)
Channel: #sharpthings

Recommended IRC clients:

  • X-Chat (available for Windows (X-Chat2 is free), Mac (XChat Azure) and Linux)

Please refer to my X-Chat guide for installation and configuration instructions.


  • mIRC (shareware, only for Windows)
  • Pidgin (available for Windows, Linux)
  • Adium (Mac only)
  • Miranda IM
  • Trillian
  • ... etc. there are many

How to get in using a webchat client:

Alternatively if you
a) cannot install a client on your computer
b) don't want to install a client on your computer
c) just want to try the chat
you can try the following browser based webchat clients.

To access the #SharpThings chat channel in another browser tab, using any of the following browser based IRC clients

OFTC Webchat
Just insert nickname.

Another alternative is a webchat provided by Whieee which is still a bit in development.
Just insert nickname.

We are no longer providing a Mibbit web client link as it only causes problems. We can't stop anyone from using Mibbit but we highly recommend not using it.
The Mibbit web client isn't very highly regarded and is restricted in some networks. In the OFTC network using a Mibbit client will at times result in a message saying you are banned upon login, even if you aren't actually banned.

Participation in the chat channel is highly encouraged. Please come join us, it's fun!


IRC specific

What is IRC?

Quote From Wikipedia
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a form of real-time Internet text messaging (chat). It is mainly designed for group communication in discussion forums, called channels, but also allows one-to-one communication via private messaging.

So basicly it works like a "chat room".
Check Wikipedia for more info.

What are the channel and site for?

The channel is for quick instant chatting, mostly knife stuff, off-topic or small talk. Got a burning knife related question or want to share something awesome you found? This is the place for it.
The IRC channel is a place to meet, hang out and kill time with like minded knifenuts. The emphasis of the community is the channel and the site is for people of the channel to share pictures, video, write reviews, hold giveaways etc.

What name should I use?

It's be easiest if you used the same name you use on the forums or on the internet in general. This helps identify forum members. The second best thing is to choose a name very similar to your forums name.

Is there anyway to keep the name I picked permanent?

This varies from network to network, in OFTC you can register your nick so it is password protected. Depending on your client and registration settings you may have to identify yourself with the password with every login. Scroll down for instructions on how to register your nick.

How do you do that?

Here are some basic useful commands that work on most IRC clients:

Display a help screen listing available commands

Clear the chat output in this channel

Displays a list of online users

/whois nick
Displays information of the selected user

/query nick [msg]
Open a PM to a user, with an optional message. (Chat privately, no need for emails or other messaging.)

/me [action]
For example /me likes knives -> *Nick likes knives

/away [msg]
Lists you as being away, with an optional message

/quit [msg]
Disconnects from the server, with an optional message to users

OFTC specific

Why am I prompted for a password?

This means that the nick you are using is already registered by another person and is password protected, meaning you can't use it so please choose another one.

How do I register my nick and get it protected

1. Make sure you now have the name you would like to register.
2. Type /msg nickserv register password email. In some clients this opens up a new window.
password = a password of your choice
email = your email address

3. Your name should now be registered and protected
4. Every time you log in you have to identify yourself with
/msg nickserv identify password

For more info on OFTC and IRC you can check the OFTC FAQ.