Chopsticks For Her.

clunk nice chopsticks btw   you should carbidize the ends, make them a bit rough, get extra grip on your noodles Spyderedge LOL ClusterFlux the Orange peel texture works pretty well Spyderedge I can just hear nutnfancy go on about noodle gripability. clunk NEEDS CARBIDE, it needs to be able to punch through car hoods. If you can do that, then...

Geometry and Kinematics of Guided-Rod Sharpening Systems 1.0beta17

Here is a new version of knife math.  This will be the last version for quite awhile, I think.   Changes: Expanded some of the discussion about gimbals, universal joints, and spherical joints in Chapter 3. Re-compressed the animated contour plots with better (?) anti-aliasing settings. Minor formatting improvements.   Geometry and Kinematics of Guided-Rod Sharpeners...

Random ass gift from Doctor Snubnose

So I told Doc this story about dumb metal detectors almost getting my Junkyard Dog confiscated, and he was like "here, have this for next time".

It's constructed such that there are no metal parts whatsoever, for...uh...reasons.


Many thanks to you, sir. This was a completely unexpected act of kindness.

Secret Santa 2013 !

Thanks clunk!!  My very first Spyderco Dragonfly! :D
There was no receipt or invoice, so I had no idea who my Secret Santa was until you asked me about it on IRC.  ^_^;



Thank you Clusterflux!

Thanks for my spyderco Swick 3 with custom scales and sheath!

2013 (and 2012) Secret Santas

Okay, so long overdue but I guess it has to be done either way. >_>

But before that, the real reason I wanted to post, why arent I seeing pics of your gifts? HUH!?
Some of you posted pics of your gifts, I humbly thank you for taking the time to do that. :)
Now for the rest of you, let me tell you something, you are whats wrong with the world, you lazy SOBs! ...

Secret Santa Spyderco Sage

Hi folks,

Due to the fact that I had a work shutdown for two weeks over the holidays, and I went out of town for a week, I am just now getting to check my mail since December 20th (!).  And I found this really mind-blowing secret santa gift, a Spyderco Sage 1!

I have had a Sage 1 before, and like most of the knives that pass through my hands it was sold relatively quickly....

Drill press beads!

I just thought I would post theese here for those who have not seen them. I've been busy making beads out of some .5" brass rod on my drill press! They've been quite the fun little project taking about 15 minutes per bead. I just esperianced with some forcing patina with ammonia, and it turned out quite nicely! I only tried about 30 minutes, and i think with a little longer of an...


Photos of my RA Twisty light. Some guy listed a WTB thread.

Photos of New Watch

Hey guys, figured I'd pop in and throw up some photos of my new pocketwatch. The watch in question is a Charles-Hubert Paris Model 3537.

SS(Secret Sheep) + Comparision Pics for Sir Sheeps Alot

Unlike the last two years, I actually waited until Christmas to open my SS gift. Ok... Ok... it was Christmas Eve.

Knowing for a week that I had a package waiting for me at the house from Illumination Supply had my curiosity peaked both what was inside and who it was from. When I came home, I opened the package and saw something that I had been eying since it was released. It was an...