Sharp and Pointy Spike/Scribe Custom

This scribe was forged from high carbon steel by GA artist and bladesmith Carl Rechsteiner, better known as Crex. The scribe is flattened and folded over at the top to serve as a pocket clip and bears the makers mark, which is stamped while the steel is hot [and is not always centered]. They are approximately .250" in diameter and the point is very hard and sharp as it has been heat...

Carbon Fiber

Here are some pics of Carbon Fiber to show how "smooth" it is. Not easy to do and the walker pic came out a little blurry. I must be shaky.

Let me know if you guys want pictures or comparison pictures of anything you know I have.

Spyderco Kiwi 4 G-10

My Spyderco Kiwi 4 arrived on Saturday, I preorderd it back in January. 

It's nice, overall It's what I expected.  The only bummer is the 100% pinned construction. I guess no fancy scales on this guy =/

Spyderco Kiwi 4 G-10 Quick Look

Spyderco Southard TI Sculpted Clip

Check it out, got this Southard clip from eBay user blue4you2010.

I got those Summertime Kiridashi Blues

Just wanted to share an interesting Kiridashi from a new maker I just picked up. You are looking at a Custom Kiridashi Made by Nick Chupin. It is made from 01 High Carbon Steel, Powder Coated...6.5" overall, with a 2.5" chisel grind. Nice file work in all the right places Blue G-10 slabs textured very nicely and kydex sheath and lanyard. The maker has a keen sense for ergonomics in a...

Chopper sheath

So yesterday my brother brought me a very crude looking knife which he had made out of scrap mystery steel with an angle grinder.
The knife itself is 14" (35cm) long overall and 1/4" (7mm) thick and weighs nearly 1.5 pounds (0,7kg). Not very sharp but apparently it worked effectively on firewood. it was obviously some sort of carbon steel, probably low carbon, so I forced a...

Foliage Green

Taking pics to look at some Foliage Green stuff.

Fake Spyderco Pass-Around!

Please have a look at my earlier posts if you already haven't. Initial impressions Continued...

The reason I bought these two fakes was to see it for my own eyes. Had the Chinese finally figured it out and made a realistic...

Fake Spydercos: Continued...

Those of you who missed my first post on the subject, read it here.
I have been carrying these both and using them a bit for a couple weeks now. I will now go through some aspects of both knives, both the good and the bad things.


Both boxes look quite convincing, the PM2 box...

G Sakai Fieldman

I purchased a somewhat higher grade Swiss Army knife from what I believe to be the same people who make the Seki City knives.

Another Friction Folder with Blue Ti liners

Just finished yet another one of my AEB-L knives; it's simply too stunning to wait to post! It has a roughly 3" blade with Ti backspacer and Liners under some contoured peelply G-10 Liners. This was one of the first AEB-L Friction folders that I made, and this was before I really figured out how to engineer the pivot to maximize the amount of "wasted space" so it's a little bigger then it has...