Altoids Smalls "Survival Kit"

I recently saw some videos on YouTube that showed people making survival type kits from Altoids tins. A few of those videos showed making the kit from an Altoids Smalls tin as opposed to the normal, larger sized tin. I liked the idea of a smaller kit because frankly I dont see myself carrying a full sized tin(let alone the small one everyday). I watched some videos, got some ideas and saw what...

Where are you Cockknockers

Soooooooooooooooooo.....I have attempted to contact and chat with you all on more than two dozen occasions in the last twenty four hours...ummmmm maybe more like two weeks....well anyway....where tf r u? If there is another chat link that u all hang out in....give it up!!!

No wonder Donuts keeps posting pics.....he must be deprived of chat conversation!!!!!!!!!

oh and FWIW: Cock...

Removing Patina

I've seen some comments about people who didn't know you could remove patina with metal polish, so here's a couple of reference pictures.

Twisty Part 2

Someone is interested in my Twisty, so here are some current pics.

Im Back

just coming back from a long unintentional hiatus.that is all im alive and well.

Raising Awareness

Cosmos "GHB"

Plan to write more in this area later on but just wanted to post some pictures of my "get home bag" as me and Rutgrr were discussing the topic of being prepared. 

Nothing to see here.

Keep Chiving on. :)


I got a new light, it seems nice so far except for the first clip breaking.

Sharp and Pointy Spike/Scribe Custom

This scribe was forged from high carbon steel by GA artist and bladesmith Carl Rechsteiner, better known as Crex. The scribe is flattened and folded over at the top to serve as a pocket clip and bears the makers mark, which is stamped while the steel is hot [and is not always centered]. They are approximately .250" in diameter and the point is very hard and sharp as it has been heat...

Carbon Fiber

Here are some pics of Carbon Fiber to show how "smooth" it is. Not easy to do and the walker pic came out a little blurry. I must be shaky.

Let me know if you guys want pictures or comparison pictures of anything you know I have.