Carabiner wrap

I've had carabiners on my backpacks and messenger bags since high school so I don't lose my water bottle. The attachment has always been a simple affair, but I decided to try something new tonight.

I used "double ring hitching" from Geoffrey Budworth's Encyclopedia of Knots and Ropework, with a sort of constrictor knot (or maybe it is one) on the load-bearing end...

Secret Santa and Knife Update

I know I'm late to the party, very sorry about that. Enjoy the videos. 

Benchmade Mini Grip Spyderco Techno Spyderco Jester Guest appearance, Clusters Strider PT

The second video has some random knives that my awesome grandma picked up for me, please let me know if you guys know much about any of them.

Sharpthings Secret Santa and Knife Update

Chaparral 3

I took a short video of the light reflecting off my Chaparral 3 to try and capture how nice this thing looks. I don't think pictures show it off very well.

Chaparral 3

Titanium Chopsticks

After my latest trip to the scrap yard, I walked away with 8.4lbs (826 inches to my calucaltions) of .1865" titanium rod in lengths varying from 14-20". It took me a few days to figure out what I was doing with it all (still looking for ideas). None the less, one of the first things I made was a det of chopsticks! I am a huuuge fan of asian food and this...

Notebook Cover (now DONE!)

Still have to add the elastic that holds it closed, round the corners, and maybe even out the rectangular-ness, though I'm starting to think it's okay as-is. I got the idea from the Midori Traveler's Notebook, and I bought one of their plasticy inserts to hold business cards and stuff.

Edit: Done!

rounded the corners as described below added the elastic closure...

How to Write a Letter of Resignation, by MalRoadkill

<Rutgrr> mmmmm pizza <Samwise-> yo rutty <Rutgrr> sup <Samwise-> not much <Samwise-> writing my resignation letter <Samwise-> :D <Rutgrr> :) <MalRoadkill> use lots of feces

Chopsticks For Her.

clunk nice chopsticks btw   you should carbidize the ends, make them a bit rough, get extra grip on your noodles Spyderedge LOL ClusterFlux the Orange peel texture works pretty well Spyderedge I can just hear nutnfancy go on about noodle gripability. clunk NEEDS CARBIDE, it needs to be able to punch through car hoods. If you can do that, then...

Geometry and Kinematics of Guided-Rod Sharpening Systems 1.0beta17

Here is a new version of knife math.  This will be the last version for quite awhile, I think.   Changes: Expanded some of the discussion about gimbals, universal joints, and spherical joints in Chapter 3. Re-compressed the animated contour plots with better (?) anti-aliasing settings. Minor formatting improvements.   Geometry and Kinematics of Guided-Rod Sharpeners...

Random ass gift from Doctor Snubnose

So I told Doc this story about dumb metal detectors almost getting my Junkyard Dog confiscated, and he was like "here, have this for next time".

It's constructed such that there are no metal parts whatsoever, for...uh...reasons.


Many thanks to you, sir. This was a completely unexpected act of kindness.

Secret Santa 2013 !

Thanks clunk!!  My very first Spyderco Dragonfly! :D
There was no receipt or invoice, so I had no idea who my Secret Santa was until you asked me about it on IRC.  ^_^;



Thank you Clusterflux!

Thanks for my spyderco Swick 3 with custom scales and sheath!