Carbon Fiber

Here are some pics of Carbon Fiber to show how "smooth" it is. Not easy to do and the walker pic came out a little blurry. I must be shaky.

Let me know if you guys want pictures or comparison pictures of anything you know I have.

Spyderco Kiwi 4 G-10

My Spyderco Kiwi 4 arrived on Saturday, I preorderd it back in January. 

It's nice, overall It's what I expected.  The only bummer is the 100% pinned construction. I guess no fancy scales on this guy =/

Spyderco Kiwi 4 G-10 Quick Look

Spyderco Southard TI Sculpted Clip

Check it out, got this Southard clip from eBay user blue4you2010.

I got those Summertime Kiridashi Blues

Just wanted to share an interesting Kiridashi from a new maker I just picked up. You are looking at a Custom Kiridashi Made by Nick Chupin. It is made from 01 High Carbon Steel, Powder Coated...6.5" overall, with a 2.5" chisel grind. Nice file work in all the right places Blue G-10 slabs textured very nicely and kydex sheath and lanyard. The maker has a keen sense for ergonomics in a...

Chopper sheath

So yesterday my brother brought me a very crude looking knife which he had made out of scrap mystery steel with an angle grinder.
The knife itself is 14" (35cm) long overall and 1/4" (7mm) thick and weighs nearly 1.5 pounds (0,7kg). Not very sharp but apparently it worked effectively on firewood. it was obviously some sort of carbon steel, probably low carbon, so I forced a...

Foliage Green

Taking pics to look at some Foliage Green stuff.

Fake Spyderco Pass-Around!

Please have a look at my earlier posts if you already haven't. Initial impressions Continued...

The reason I bought these two fakes was to see it for my own eyes. Had the Chinese finally figured it out and made a realistic...

Fake Spydercos: Continued...

Those of you who missed my first post on the subject, read it here.
I have been carrying these both and using them a bit for a couple weeks now. I will now go through some aspects of both knives, both the good and the bad things.


Both boxes look quite convincing, the PM2 box...

G Sakai Fieldman

I purchased a somewhat higher grade Swiss Army knife from what I believe to be the same people who make the Seki City knives.

Another Friction Folder with Blue Ti liners

Just finished yet another one of my AEB-L knives; it's simply too stunning to wait to post! It has a roughly 3" blade with Ti backspacer and Liners under some contoured peelply G-10 Liners. This was one of the first AEB-L Friction folders that I made, and this was before I really figured out how to engineer the pivot to maximize the amount of "wasted space" so it's a little bigger then it has...

Fake Spydercos: Initial Impressions

Here is an unboxing/initial impressions video on a couple fake Spydercos I bought off of AliExpress. I do not encourage you to buy fake products. I bought these out of curiosity to see for myself just how good the current fakes are and to report my findings. Long video due to my ramblings...
A more detailed analysis to come with lots of pics and possibly a final thoughts video, as well...

Friction Folder, Another Fixie, and Ti Diving Probe

Didn't get as much as I wanted to get done on my days off as I was planning, but still made a couple nice things none the less! 

First of all, my first steel-bladed friction folder!! I scored a bunch of 1/8"x3.2"x1.5" I wanted to keep the blade as long as possible so the normal friction folder design wouldn't really work... After some thinking, I decided to...