New Knife Pics! Small Micarta Sebbie

For you "Pics or GTFO" dudes!

So far, really loving it. I can see why they are so expenisve.

Strider PT CC in there for reference.

Welcome to the Family, Native and Centofante 3

So the Techno is gone, I just couldn't warm up to the thickness of that blade.

The Umnumzaan and the Large CF Sebenza are gone, don't like thumbstuds (have I said that before?)

But new the collection are the Spyderco Forum Native 5 and a Centofante 3:

In addition, a Para 2 M390 with Ti Grimsmo scales is passing through my hands and it is a thing of BEAUTY...

Spyderco Southard, GatorScales, CRKT Swindle

Today I received a new scale for my Spyderco Southard from Don at GatorScales. He's a good guy, we've been chatting in email for a month or two now, he makes scales on the side as a hobby, here are some links to more of his work:


Spyderco Southard and CRKT Swindle

Pictures of my Blue Para

I took pictures of my Blue Para so that I can put it up for trade, I'm fishing for a Blue Military. Figured I might as well put them as a blog post.


So I don't always post on but when I do I post LEATHER!
As the title says, summer has been quite lazy for me in the leather front, here are the most recent projects I've made for some peeps on #ST that you may or may not have already seen.
- Pocket sheath for Shaky's Air, as displayed in the mans own recent post, natural color.
- Challenge coin sleeve to...

Super Blue Endura

This is a model I've been really wanting for a while now. Really happy to have it.

A week in the knife

After a very boring shift at work, I decided that I would document everything that I do with a knife for a week. Weather It's opening up some mail or shaving down edges on a kydex holster that I'm making, I'm going to take a photo or video. I challange you guys to join me as well! I think it will be a really cool way to see what everyone is using their collection of 37.5 knives for...

A week in the knife

Pocket Sheath for the Spyderco Air

I mentioned off-hand a while ago that I could really use a back pocket sheath for my Spyderco Gayle Bradley Air.  Creepo was on-line and volunteered for the job while PolarL offered to send his Air to Creepo for fitting.

The sheath came in recently and it is perfect!  I put it in my right rear pocket, my wallet fits in the space next to the knife, and I can sit on the whole...

Condor EMT Rip-Away Pouch

In the quest for something a little bigger than my Maxpedition FR-1 as a first aid kit, I came across the Condor EMT Rip-Away Pouch. I settled on this pouch as I liked the tri fold design and size. It would allow me to add a few more things but still have room for future improvements.

I believe I paid something around 25 dollars for this bag shipped. For the quality and size, I think...

"Custom MultiKey"

Some of you might recall seeing threads on EDCForums about modding a Leatherman Micra where it houses your keys instead of tools. Well, for years I wanted to try to do it myself but never really got around to it. 

I was tempted to buy something similar on but then said to myself "Why not make it myself?"

This weekend I was able to preform the mod as I...

CLUSTER: Before & After (you be the judge)

I'd say he cleaned up pretty least in the uniform.....he might get laid!.....what says you?

Strider PT CC Ranger Green

As many of you guys know, I have been lusting for a PT for a long time now. I was finally able to snag one via trade.

The size of this knife, for me, is PERFECT.

The ergos are great. Loving the whole "melted edges" of the CC line.

Althought I watched several videos, saw many pictures and even held one in my hand a few years back, I cant believe how small the...