A few knives in... you guessed it... carbon and glass fiber


I was playing around with the...

Random sharp stuff - Busse and Scrap Yard

Thanks to Polar for getting me added, figured I might as well start out with some of my favorite large users.


Left to right: Busse NMSFNO, Scrap Yard Scrap Muk, Busse FSH

mcjhr should enjoy this post ;)




Just backed this project (in copper) because I want to get a copper EDC going and it's hard to find cool stuff. Just thought I'd share...


Titanium CF beads

Combining two cool materials, carbon fiber and titanium....



Green Para 2, Techno, and Thumbstuds Suckiness

Got my Green Para 2!

Ever since I lost my Blue Paramilitary 2 to the TSA, I've been waiting for this one.  I even picked up a plain black Para 2 while I was waiting, but never really carried it.  And finally, it arrived!

I put my deep carry clip on, and now I'm ready to go.  I like it so much, I'm actually thinking about ditching the Southard <...

CF Manix, Sage 4, and Umnumzaan

The CF Manix and Sage 4 are not mine, but the Zaan is! :)

* The Manix is awesome, I actually like the carbon fiber on it even more than the CF Para 2.  But Manixes are a bit wide in the pocket!

* The Sage 4 is really nice, I like it more than I thought I would.  I still think that there is not enough blade to justify the size of the handle, but this one...

One grail gone, and one grail arrived

Update time!  A lot has happened since I got my "grail"   Executive summary:   * Bought a Gayle Bradley Air (that was dyed red!) * Bought 2 Southards (one stock, other LSCF) * Bought a Michael Walker lightweight * Bought a Black/Satin ParaMilitary 2 * Bought a Black/Black Tenacious * Almost bought a Large CF Sebenza and a Sebenza 25   *...

Leather for the entire family

Today I'll be sharing a few projects I've made for family members recently.

Let's start small, a new key pouch for my dad. I recycled the metal frame from an old worn down key pouch to get a bit more rigidity. This time it's just a bit heavier duty the leather being at least twice as thick as it was in the old one. I knew the color wouldn't matter so I made it tan...

Thank You Tony and Creepo!!

Hey all, I know i've been a bit of a hermet the last 7+ months. I'm sure many of you were almost TOO used to seeing me in chat just a year ago when I was an unemployed hobo. I moved to Denver and got my own place in downtown and have been working like a dog to make ends meet. Anyways, during secret santa this past December, Tony aka Nightburn sent me a Hinderer pen but it was stolen/...

X-Chat for Dummies

Greetings technologically impaired veterans and young lazy slobs alike.
You! Yes, you, the guy still using the Mibbit web client! Ditch that shit and start using a real client!

The main reason why I am writing this guide is because many users are stuck using the Mibbit web client. The web client isn't really in high regard in most networks and OFTC is no exception. Basically...

Knife GAW






I'm doing a LONG delayed give away that I should have done months ago. Because of all the fun and all the...


A Kukri, Root, & Finger

Sooooooooo.... a root was lifting up one of the concrete stepping stones. I used my Kukri to cut it out. In the process, I cut my finger. Check out the photos.