New Draft: Geometry of Knife Sharpening

Hi Everyone,

Here's another draft of my technical report:

As usual, please use Adobe Reader to view the pdf.   It might work without Adobe Reader on a Mac, but I'm not sure.  If you have a Mac, could you...

Secret Santa 2013

Well would you look at the time, it's time to kick some gears in motion again.
Coming to you for the 3rd time in a row, SharpThings Secret Santa! That awesome event that makes sure you get your holiday gear lust satisfied
Most of you probably know the drill, but PLEASE read everything carefully and try to do as instructed. I'm a busy man this year so I'd appreciate if...

How to NOT ship knives!

Some time ago cutlerylover @ YT made a very good video about how to ship knives. Inspired by a package I received from a certain someone here, I made a video showing the opposite.


Mail from Travis AKA How to NOT ship knives!

Knife Math!

Hi Everyone,

I finally finished a first draft of my knife math!

You can find the draft here:

The file is huge because I embedded animations into the pdf file.  If you have suggestions or comments, please let me know.

Because this is a _draft_ please do not spread this around....

Moritaka Hamono Santoku aka the new level of thin

I have been lusting after a Japanese carbon steel santoku for a long time now and finally 3 months ago, I placed a custom order at...

Custom Dashi Makes it into Collection Mickey Yurco

Picked up this sweet little dashi by Mickey Yurco who is quite the little ingenious weapons maker. Nice basket weave pouch sheath for the belt, numbered to match the blade. 5mm spine, made from an old file and hand etched by Mickey to look like Damascus Steel. Double Grind, Pefect for Pikal Grip (RGEI) 2" blade cutting, 7" overall...Smooth finger guard and nice jimping on the spine...

What? 3rd Anniversary? Huh?

Yeah, today, October 3rd is the day when the original #Spyderco IRC channel was setup, even though the name has since changed, it is still the day we regard as the anniversary date of our little community. So anyway:

Happy 3rd Anniversary SharpThings!

I would like to thank everyone for sticking around all this time, it is you, the people that have made this place what it is...

Size matters

Rs-Travis Even better, when you get a job and if you get dedicated, it shouldn't cost too much to make knives properly over in America, you can do everything cheaper than me   I used an oxygen acetylene torch Spyderedge Well, I'm 14. No jobs here yet, If I could work I would. Rs-Travis Oh gotta be 16 eh Spyderedge 15 to work at wegmans. (food...

Gavko framelock EDC #5 - video review and more picx

My first custom. Overall I'm very pleased. Here is a video review and a couple more pics. My biggest take away is the countouring. It is like no other knife I've ever held, all the rounded edges make you think you're holding a fixed blade.

Thanks for watching!

Take care, stay safe, and remember, don't cut yourself.


Gavko Framelock EDC #5 - review and thoughts

Spyderco Air Pics

Here are some pics of my Spyderco Air in hand 

New Milling Machine!

Hey Sharp-readers,

I recently got a used (very used) Bridgeport Milling machine.

It is a Bridgeport M head, round ram made in 1948. It was in a production shop till about 20 years ago when a friend got it and it sat in his basement used on occasions until we got it.

(he has two other, nicer mills)



So I have a few questions for you guys,...

Gavko framelock EDC #5 - quick pics

Just some quick pics of my latest aquisition. More pics and a quick video to come later, after I further develop my opinion.