Spyderco Air Pics

Here are some pics of my Spyderco Air in hand 

New Milling Machine!

Hey Sharp-readers,

I recently got a used (very used) Bridgeport Milling machine.

It is a Bridgeport M head, round ram made in 1948. It was in a production shop till about 20 years ago when a friend got it and it sat in his basement used on occasions until we got it.

(he has two other, nicer mills)



So I have a few questions for you guys,...

Gavko framelock EDC #5 - quick pics

Just some quick pics of my latest aquisition. More pics and a quick video to come later, after I further develop my opinion.

CF Southard and Domino

So I don't like LSCF (Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber).  It's really pretty, but the stuff has actual WIRES in it, and if you actually use your knife for a long period of time, those wires start coming out and poking your hand.  Not a fun experience!

So I ordered a CF scale from Don at Gator Scales, and I prefer it greatly!

Here is the LSCF scale:


Better Photos Better Lighting Amsler Ti

Better Photos Better Lighting Amsler Ti

New Custom Dashi Amsler-Titanium

Been selling a lot of knives lately (mostly from my collection, which is dwindling fast) So I decided to treat myself to this little jobbie.

A Custom Amsler Titanium (he calls it a ) Kiridashi Keychain Knife. I call it a Tiny Tanto. The ti work is very nice and pleasing to the eye. Countersunk holes and paracord wrap in the handle is a nice touch. Nice Grinds (the pics dont do it...

New Knife Pics! Small Micarta Sebbie

For you "Pics or GTFO" dudes!

So far, really loving it. I can see why they are so expenisve.

Strider PT CC in there for reference.

Welcome to the Family, Native and Centofante 3

So the Techno is gone, I just couldn't warm up to the thickness of that blade.

The Umnumzaan and the Large CF Sebenza are gone, don't like thumbstuds (have I said that before?)

But new the collection are the Spyderco Forum Native 5 and a Centofante 3:

In addition, a Para 2 M390 with Ti Grimsmo scales is passing through my hands and it is a thing of BEAUTY...

Spyderco Southard, GatorScales, CRKT Swindle

Today I received a new scale for my Spyderco Southard from Don at GatorScales. He's a good guy, we've been chatting in email for a month or two now, he makes scales on the side as a hobby, here are some links to more of his work:



Spyderco Southard and CRKT Swindle

Pictures of my Blue Para

I took pictures of my Blue Para so that I can put it up for trade, I'm fishing for a Blue Military. Figured I might as well put them as a blog post.


So I don't always post on ST.net but when I do I post LEATHER!
As the title says, summer has been quite lazy for me in the leather front, here are the most recent projects I've made for some peeps on #ST that you may or may not have already seen.
- Pocket sheath for Shaky's Air, as displayed in the mans own recent post, natural color.
- Challenge coin sleeve to...

Super Blue Endura

This is a model I've been really wanting for a while now. Really happy to have it.