Condor EMT Rip-Away Pouch

In the quest for something a little bigger than my Maxpedition FR-1 as a first aid kit, I came across the Condor EMT Rip-Away Pouch. I settled on this pouch as I liked the tri fold design and size. It would allow me to add a few more things but still have room for future improvements.

I believe I paid something around 25 dollars for this bag shipped. For the quality and size, I think...

"Custom MultiKey"

Some of you might recall seeing threads on EDCForums about modding a Leatherman Micra where it houses your keys instead of tools. Well, for years I wanted to try to do it myself but never really got around to it. 

I was tempted to buy something similar on but then said to myself "Why not make it myself?"

This weekend I was able to preform the mod as I...

CLUSTER: Before & After (you be the judge)

I'd say he cleaned up pretty least in the uniform.....he might get laid!.....what says you?

Strider PT CC Ranger Green

As many of you guys know, I have been lusting for a PT for a long time now. I was finally able to snag one via trade.

The size of this knife, for me, is PERFECT.

The ergos are great. Loving the whole "melted edges" of the CC line.

Althought I watched several videos, saw many pictures and even held one in my hand a few years back, I cant believe how small the...

Sacha Theil Midtech Officer

After a long time of wanteing one (I'm a sucker for French made knives), I finally got my hands on a Sacha Theil (pronounced like the "teal") Midgech Officer!  As soon as I saw it on one of Mike's (Gavko) sale videos I knew I had to have it and called him up from the passanger seat of the ambulance. After a few days waiting, It's here! Ever since seeing the PPT for...

New EDC gear

So I've recently been adding some copper and brass items to my EDC, I think it's starting to come together.

Still waiting on a kiridashi that is getting made the Dutch knifemaker Jerry Brouwer (Halloween Knives), a copper cash stash, a copper GearPull dangler and maybe a copper Maratac flashlight.

What do you guys think ?

Ti Friction Folder: WIP


Finished basic shaping of my friction folder's handles today! It's coming along very nicely. I still need to buy the correct sized washers for the pivot, and some G-10 liner material to make teh back spacer hte appropriate size. Eventually, I plan to give the scales a "concealed carry" treatment. 




Chopping video with unexpected mishap

Yesterday, I filmed a chopping video. I used my Grasso Bolo II, Nepal Kukri, Ontario Gen II SP-51, and Kabar BK9. I actually shot it twice. The first time I screwed up the focus so it came out blurry. So I reshot it and with that came an unexpected mishap. Suffce it to say, I'm pretty bummed.

Donut is the Greatest Guy on the Planet!!!

When the preorder for the green para started, I tried to place one but I got a server error each time. Donut very graciously offered to help me with my pre order. I was so relieved to get in on it, thanks Donut!!!

Unboxing package from Donut

A few knives in... you guessed it... carbon and glass fiber


I was playing around with the...

Random sharp stuff - Busse and Scrap Yard

Thanks to Polar for getting me added, figured I might as well start out with some of my favorite large users.


Left to right: Busse NMSFNO, Scrap Yard Scrap Muk, Busse FSH

mcjhr should enjoy this post ;)




Just backed this project (in copper) because I want to get a copper EDC going and it's hard to find cool stuff. Just thought I'd share...