Titanium beads from the Polar workshop!

One morning I unsuspectingly walked to my mail box to find an envelope from Norway.
Yes, it was TITANIUM!
And it's GREEN! Well as green as Polar could get it. The color of the green bead is very hard to capture on camera. From a far it looks like a metallic foliage green but depending on the lighting you can catch some hues of purple, truly excuisite! Along with it came 2 other masterpieces, one in silver and light blue and another one in stonewashed purple.
Enjoy the pics. smiley

My EDC Fixed Blade Lanyard System

Just though I'd share a new method that I have devised to cary my fidex blades for EDC utilising one of the many pocket clips Polar Sent me.  I never really carried my fixed blades around all that much before, but now they're all seeing alot more pocket time. 


Key clip by PolarL

I have received one of PolarL's pocket clips today and immediatly put my keys on it, here's a couple of pics;

Also included was a card, wishing me a happy birthday [a month early :P]

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